Product Description

This Red Toolbox Jewelry Case Woodworking Kit makes a great first project for beginning woodworkers and provides a special bonding time while teaching kids skills that will last a lifetime. Imagine how delighted your young woodworker will be when he gives this pine jewelry box as a gift or how proud she will be displaying this made-it-myself keepsake chest in her room. The folks at Red Toolbox created a line of woodworking kits to provide adults an opportunity to spend quality time with kids, working as a team to accomplish a goal and helping children build self esteem while learning or improving building skills such as following directions and learning to use tools responsibly.

Tools required:  Screwdriver, file, handsaw, drill, clamp, hammer, glue, and  sandpaper.

Product Dimensions: 28.8 x 19.2 x 11.7 cm

Ages: 8 yrs old+

Red Toolbox is a new, groundbreaking concept in the world of DIY, offering parents and kids the opportunity to spend valuable time together, while learning new skills. Red Toolbox is a complete world of real tools specifically designed to suit a child’s grip, complemented by a wide selection of original woodworking kits and a snappy workbench. There are different woodworking projects that teach various skills with different level of difficulty.

Step by Step Skills – Red Toolbox’s step by step level system lets kids pace their own development, gaining and practicing skills as they go along while enjoying support from their mom or dad. Each level increases in difficulty, complexity and level of precision required, while hand eye coordination and physical abilities are strengthened.

Simple and easy – no previous carpentry experience needed. Step by step instructions are provided.

Family Fun – parents enjoy “team time” with kids learning, working and having fun together!

Now, don’t you wish you had Red Tool Box when you were a kid?

Your child develops:
Eye-hand coordination
Dexterity/fine motor
Creative thinking
Independence/self esteem
Stress reliever (pounding)
Textures and properties
Respect for tools and materials
Increased awareness and understanding of the world around them
Language development

Additional Information

Dimensions 12 x 18 cm


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